• Bruce Rich (Interview)
  • Verve (an important life-style and culture magazine in India)
  • June, 2008

Question: Does this book serve to remind Indians of their roots or is it a beacon to the West in the light of the current economic crisis? "I was astounded by the relative lack of knowledge and attention in the West towards these two figures, two of the greatest personages in my view in the history of mankind. So in one sense I intended this book for a Western audience, while, Indian historians who have read the book tell me that it is also useful for reminding Indian students of the greatness and relevance of these two figures."

Question: What can women do to play their part in ‘upholding the world’?
"In many parts of the world, it is women who hold together households, perform much of the agricultural work, and who have the closest relation to nature. I cannot help but recall the example of the Chipko movement to save trees and forests in the Himalayas, led by poor rural women. Famous economists, like Amartya Sen, have observed that promoting education of young girls and equal rights for women would be one of the greatest and most cost-effective contributions to promote sustainable economic development."

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