• Bruce Rich
  • Probe International (Canada)
  • October 29, 2004
  • p. 1

The hearings and the roundtable discussion elicited some common, overarching themes which many of the specific recommendations of the witnesses tried to address. Among the two most prevalent concerns are 1) The need for countervailing measures to address the ‘pressure to lend’ and ‘loan approval culture’ which is still prevalent in the MDBs and 2) The need for coherence, harmonization and coordination of efforts among the MDBs and other publicly supported financial institutions in addressing corruption. We have chosen and prioritized ourrecommendations with these cross-cutting concerns in mind. To summarize three major priorities that the Committee can act on relatively soon to address corruption through enhanced accountability and transparency of the MDBs: A. Increased Enforcement and Deterrence; B. Strengthening the Existing Anti-Corruption Units and Initiatives at the MDBs; C. Conditioning Future MDB Replenishments and Capital Increases on GAO Audits of Lending Programs,


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