• Bruce Rich
  • World Policy Journal, Vol. VII, No. 2
  • Spring, 1990
  • pp. 305-329

James Scheuer (D-N.Y.), the chairman of the House Subcommittee on Agriculture Research, Environment and Natural Resources...was angry and perplexed. "It must be said that the Bank has not institutionalized [President] Barber Conable's rhetoric and Barber Conable's demonstrated concern, both for the environment and for computing the predictable, inexorable environmental damage that these projects will cause," Scheuer stated..."[The Bank's] written assurances don't amount to hill of beans; they don't exist for practical purposes," Scheuer charged. "Where do the pressures come from," he asked, "pressing down on the World Bank to degrade its own procedures and to bring its own procedures and to bring its own integrity into question?"

How has the Bank come to such an impasse, and where indeed do the pressures come from that have led it there?

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